Hilary 2020

Embodying female spirituality: a transnational view

A session of MIMSS

Organized by María Morrás (Magdalen College, University of Oxford)

Summer Common Room, Magdalen College, Oxford

28 January 2020

2.00-3.30. Session 1: Communities

2.00-2.30.– Diana Denissen (Université de Lausanne, Post-doc Fellow, Swiss National Science Foundation)

“Alijt Bake’s Performative Piety”

2.30-3.00.– Godelinde Perk (Marie S. Curie Fellow, University of Oxford)

“A Contemplative Life For Me: Solitude and Community in The Book of Margery Kempe and Contintental Sisterbooks”

3.00-3.30.– Sylvia Alvares-Correa (Faculty of History, University of Oxford)

“Made in the Netherlands or made in Iberia? Manuscripts featuring Netherlandish miniatures and Iberian texts”

3.30-4.00. Coffee break:

4.00-5.30 Session 2: Nuns’ letters and the art of networking

Laura Camino (Universidade Santiago de Compostela)

“Embodying emotions in the epistolary exchange between Baudri of Bourgueil and Constance of Le Ronceray (Loraine, XI century)”

Verònica Zaragoza (Juan de la Cierva Post-doc Fellow, UNED, Madrid – Project BIESES)

Poetic Manuscripts of the Catalan Discalced Carmelites: Lyric Poetry, Music and Theater by Women (Crown of Aragon, 16th-18th centuries)”

Henrike Lähnemann, Edmund Wareham and Konstantin Winters (St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford)

“The Nuns’ Network (Lüne letters)”

5.30-5.45 Closing Remarks